Giving Lauren More

Giving Lauren More

Wife gets caught cheating by her husband in the worst way. When after a long time she finally takes him to be,he can tell that her cunt has been stretched by someone bigger than he is. But in the end they work it all out and have an interesting sex life ever after.

“It’s not that I’m loose, you know. He always says that, but it’s not true!”

“Shhh – quiet down, Lauren. We’re not exactly in private,” Andrea said as a few eyebrows were raised in the small patio caf‚.

“Sorry. It just frustrates me, that’s all. Plus, it’s not like I’m a slut or anything, and fucked a ton of guys before we got married…” Lauren insisted. Seeing the half smile form on Andrea’s lips, she hurriedly clarified. “Look, maybe I had some fun, but it’s no worse than any guy has done. And I don’t think a couple dozen is that bad by 26, really. It’s like three different guys a year since I was 18. The point is,” she continued, lighting a cigarette, “Nobody ‘stretched’ me out.”

“Well, you said yourself that you’re not happy. I mean, you told me Mike is pretty average, like what – 6 inches or so?” Lauren nodded. “Well, I have to tell you, most women would call that just fine, as long as he knows what to do with it. I mean, with the different guys you’ve been with, you have to know that’s pretty standard equipment down there,” rationalized Andrea.

“I know, I know. It’s just not enough for me, I guess.”

Andrea paused to light a cigarette of her own. “OK then,” she exhaled. “What did the doctor say?”

Lauren looked distraught, as if she was going to burst into tears. “He said that my vagina is just a bit larger than normal. But not unusually so. I asked him why I don’t feel really turned on during sex and told him that Mike thinks I’m too loose. The doctor said that I appear to be less sensitive vaginally than some women and that I may just prefer the feeling of something larger than normal to get real pleasure. He suggested that we see a sex therapist, and maybe consider including toys in our lovemaking.”

Andrea smiled. “Lauren, that doesn’t sound like a bad idea. Either of them, actually. Look, we don’t have anything else going on for an hour or so. There’s a place I got a vibrator from not far from here. Why don’t we go take a look and see if we can find something to cheer you up?”

“Andrea, this is Brooklyn. There’s probably a sex shop every 20 feet,” Lauren groused. She took a final drag from her cigarette and extinguished it in the ashtray. “Fine. I guess we can give it a shot. I can tell you right now that Mike isn’t going to go for the therapist idea, so maybe this will work better.”

Most adult toy/bookstores tend to be a little on the seedy side, and this one was no exception. While not especially dirty, it was a touch run down, and the neon tinted lighting and racks of pornography lining the entrance instantly made the women feel a little tainted. However, instead of the greasy old man Lauren half expected to be sitting at the counter, a well-built, reasonably attractive college age boy was running the shop.

“Hi ladies,” he said in a casual, friendly voice. “Come on in. Let me know if you need any help finding anything.”

Lauren immediately felt a little better. She leaned over to Andrea and whispered in her ear, “I thought this place was going to be icky, with peep show booths and toothless men!”

Andrea looked at her friend: stylish but slightly conservative with an Ann Taylor sweater set and 2.5″ heels, medium length chestnut hair pulled into a ponytail, inconspicuous makeup. Attractive, but a little uptown. “If I thought it would offend your Upper West Side sensitivities, I wouldn’t have brought you here,” she teased. Lauren slapped her on the arm playfully.

“Look, just because my husband has a condo there doesn’t mean I’ve forgotten where I’m from,” she retorted. “I just grew up a little,” she said, looking at her outfit. Still, she had to admit privately that her husband had been exerting some pressure on her taste in clothing lately, and she wasn’t quite as adventurous as she used to be. “Let’s look around,” she suggested to change the subject.

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