The ladies made their way

The ladies

The ladies made their way through the shop, giggling at some of the sights. Lauren picked up a leather-aladynd-metal corset. Holding it up to her body, she called, “Hey Andrea – what do you think? Is it me?” Andrea shook her head an emphatic ‘no’.

The ladies

They flipped through the videos and magazines, commenting on attractive actors and actresses. “Lauren, what do you think about this one,” Andrea teased, holding up a girl on girl film.

“Um, I don’t think so… Would you ever do that?” Lauren replied.

“Only with you, lover.” Andrea winked and blew her a kiss.

Eventually they made their way to the rear of the store. The entire back wall was covered in a dazzling array of vibrators, dildos, butt plugs, and similar implements. Lauren slowly let her gaze travel across the selection.

“How about this one?” asked Andrea, holding up a pink vibrator.

“No, I already have a vibrator. I’m thinking something, well…” Lauren blushed and lowered her voice, “bigger.”

The ladies shopping

Andrea selected another, a 7″ jelly dildo and held it up. Lauren shook her head. Andrea moved up to a 9″ lifelike dong. Again, Lauren indicated no. As Andrea went to grab the next size up, a thick 11″ dildo, she saw Lauren’s gaze fixed on a toy on the bottom shelf.

“No Lauren,” she said firmly.

Lauren reached down and picked it up. The dildo was very big; some might even call it huge. It was around 14″ long, but what intrigued Lauren was the girth. It had to be about as thick as her forearm, with a head the size of her fist. She felt a trickle of wetness in her panties as he held the dildo. It was heavy, and firm, yet flexible.

“Lauren, are you fucking kidding me?” Andrea gasped. “That thing is huge! You’re going to hurt yourself. No fucking way,” she insisted, taking the dildo.

The college boy cleared his throat softly from a few feet away. He looked carefully at the dildo and then Andrea. “I just wanted to check and make sure you’re finding things okay here. The bottom shelf there is mainly for novelty events, just so you know. Bachelorette parties, etc…”

Andrea blushed fiercely and put down the dildo. “We’ll have to think about it,” she said and grabbed Lauren’s hand, leading her out of the shop. “Look” she said once they were outside “I have to get going to work. We’ll find you something, I promise.

And get that damned husband of yours to go talk to someone with you, okay? She glanced at the large diamond on Lauren’s finger and more than double the size of her own wedding ring. “It’s not like he can’t afford it.” She kissed Lauren on the cheek and walked away, crossing the street and entering a subway station half a block down.

Lauren stood quietly in the doorway of the shop for a couple of minutes, thinking. Unconsciously, she went back into the store. The employee gave her a friendly smile as she entered. “Back already?” She grinned weakly and moved into the video section. Browsing for a few minutes, she found a section that interested her.

The films were all oriented around two or three well hung guys with one woman. She looked at the box covers until she found a long one with several different scenes and picked it up.

Then, ignoring the wobble in her knees, she marched to the back of the store and picked up the novelty dildo. Once again, she felt her cunt twitch and moisten just feeling the thick, veined latex in her hand. She walked up to the register with her selections.

“I think this will make a great gag gift,” the young man said with a knowing smile. Lauren was relieved that he didn’t embarrass her about it.

“You know,” he continued with a serious glance at her figure, “To make the joke even more realistic, you should probably consider giving her a good lubricant with this.” He added a bottle of Astroglide Plus to the pile.

“Tell you what, free of charge – I don’t think you should leave without it.” He rang up her video next, feeling himself getting turned on by this sexy woman’s choices. From the looks of it, she was getting ready to fuck the hell out of herself.

“$78.50 is the total,” he told her finally.

Lauren reached into her purse and started to take out a credit card. Then she thought better of it and pulled out several twenties. Why let Mike know what she had been doing, she thought to herself. Suddenly a flush of wickedness rushed through her. As long as she was being secretive, she reasoned, she might as well see if she still had “it”. It wasn’t like she was coming back here, and she had seen the growing erection that tented the young man’s pants.

She intentionally touched his hand as she gave him the cash. “You know that this stuff is for me, don’t you?” she asked softly.

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